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This on-line library is among the largest compilations of electronic “enlightenment” material available.  From general reading, podcasts and presentations to works for Master Masons and members of appendant organizations.  To access library material, please fill out the contact form.  Upon vetting, you will receive the appropriate password.

Library Access

TThe material contained within this library has been meticulously sourced and includes thousands of volumes of educational, historical and research books and documents.  Access to secured library contents is limited to members of the Masonic Order and in the interest of preserving the integrity of our ancient history and rituals. Forward the informatoin below. A follow up message will ask for Masonic membership information as part of the vetting process.

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Answers to questions about Free Masonry.

About the Shriners

Answers to questions about the Shrine.

Masonic Podcasts

Follow the latest from our Millennial Brothers.

Castle Island #190, Programs image

Education from the worldwide Virtual Lodge

Practical Masonry image

Information on working Freemasonry.

Masonic Esoterica image

Symbols, history, their meanings and more.

Historical Masonry image

Material on the origins of Freemasonry.

Research Lodge image

Archives of the Research Lodge of Colorado.

Lumen Artis  #199 image

A New Lodge for the 21st Century!

Masonic Periodicals image

Past and present regular Masonic publications.

Scottish Rite image

Material for our esoteric appendant body.

York Rite image

Continue your Blue Lodge experience.

Allied Masonic Degrees image

Continue your York Rite experience.

Study and Enlightenment image

Master Masons

Advanced Masonic study, enlightenment, development and research materials for aspiring and growing Master Masons .


Study, enlightenment and research materials for current Fellowcrafts/aspiring Master Masons.

Entered Apprentices

Materials for gaining deeper knowledge, seeking further light in Masonry and getting a sense for the meaning of ritual.